March 4, 2014

Wouldn’t you value hearing the voices of your ancestors telling the stories of their life—both everyday and big events? That is the gift that you can give your family and future generations through an audio oral history by Nancy Camden.  

An audio oral history is leaving a legacy. It is made in the same timely way as estate planning.

You are looking at this website about AUDIO ORAL HISTORIES recorded by Nancy Camden in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the surrounding area because you are creative by realizing the lasting value of recorded life stories by Nancy Camden.

•  Professional recording equipment.  •  In the comfort of your home. •  Guided with questions. •  Captured in one session. •  Edited for sound quality.  •  CD’s with photographic cover.

--edited 3 inch Larry use for small poster oral historyAs an independent producer for public radio stations, Nancy Camden makes people comfortable with questions that guide the storytelling. She uses her technical skills to expertly record and eventually polishes the audio into a professional CD. She guides those interviewed through questions that ultimately capture the story to this point–in the comfort of their own home in one to two hours for a very reasonable cost.

Listen to an audio about oral histories here:

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